Posted on May 1, 2021

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Tree Trimming Near Me: All around your yard, you’ll see incredible, vivid colors of green. Trees, leaves, vines or vegetable gardens contain the vibrant hues.

Places you wouldn’t expect to find green can grow- these include tree trunks and branches.

You might think the green stuff on trees is a sign of trouble, but not all moss or lichen are bad.

Moss is the most hardiest plant species on earth. It will thrive in shady, moist areas.

Lichens have a great desire for moisture and little sunlight. If you see any leaflessness on tree trunks, there's probably lichens nearby.

What will lichen grow on?
Lichen does not just grow on healthy trees. In fact, unhealthy trees are more likely to have a thin canopy which means that there is more light shining down onto the tree trunk.

Lichens are frequently spotted on trees during times of decline, but lichen is opportunistic and will attach itself to any area. This should not concern you because it's not harming your tree; instead you may wish to contact a professional arborist if concerned about other aspects of the health of our tree.

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