Posted on May 1, 2021

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC

Tree Removal Service Near Me: Sometimes a tree is beyond saving and needs to be removed. Before tackling the job, it’s important to consult with an arborist. This will help make sure that everyone stays safe while also preventing potential property damage.
Being an arborist involves working with tall trees, and touching the tree is only part of the process. The type and size determine how a tree is removed!

Before any tree removal methods are decided on, a professional arborist will first assess the safety of your trees. This is done by identifying potential hazards as well as assessing the risk posed to buildings and utility lines.

Different types of conifer trees have different felling techniques. Conifers like spruces and firs require a lean, or angle, when it comes to hunting for the branches. The shape and height of this specific tree will determine how high we need to climb in order to cut off its branches.

To be successful, you must have a plan. Every tree is different and there are challenges that one might not take into consideration for certain types of trees in urban settings.

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